If you are interested in any sort of gambling and want to move from a land based casino to online casino then there are two preliminary things which need your attention.  The first one is to find a reputed online casino and the other one is to learn about the popular payment methods for all of your financial transactions.  Being able to transact quickly and securely is of paramount importance.  The other thing is the accessibility and the operational easiness of such method.   There are many popular payment methods provided by online casinos which can be used to deposit and withdraw money.

In order to provide details of such methods, we have gone through and reviewed some of the best options in this field.  The top rated popular payment methods, currently provided by online casinos, include the following.

Debit, Credit, Prepaid Cards

Debit cards are quite popular as a payment method for online casinos.  While using such facility a player transfers the money from his personal bank account to that of the casino.  While doing so no interest is payable to the bank.  This form of online transaction is quite popular in Europe, especially in United Kingdom.  The most popular debit cards include Visa, Switch, Maestro, Electron and Laser.

Credit cards are also quite popular for depositing money.  While using a credit card, a player takes money from a lender on interest.  If he or she is able to return the money in a stipulated time period then there is no interest otherwise a certain percentage of interest is charged.  The most popular credit cards include Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

Entropay and PaySafecard are the two most preferred prepaid payment methods.  The Entropay is a payment method that provides the user with a virtual prepaid Visa card and a prepaid Mastercard.  You can transfer funds in this card by using either debit or credit card.  PaySafe card is quite popular in Europe.  You can buy these cards from authorised outlets.  If a top up is required you can buy it from the retailer.

King567 Online Casino And Slots The Best Of The Indian

Be aware that wagering requirements are attached to the casino bonus King567, which need to be completed for withdrawals. Always make sure that the online casino that you choose has licenses and certificates from reputable major government authorities, such as the UKGC and MGA, as well as other independent organisations. Indian players can choose from various operators with generous welcome bonus offers, rich gaming libraries and more than adequate deposit method options. You will rarely find that any land-based casino is a welcome bonus for the new players. Casino bonus offers are a great incentive for Indian players to prefer to play online.

Online Casino Banking

Online banking is considered as one of the most trusted methods to transfer and receive funds from the online casinos.  The rising popularity of this method can be attributed to the fact that banks have made phenomenal improvements in the security related with online transactions.  The facility to send and receive money by this method is easily available and one can do such transactions from the safety of the  home.  Apart from banks there are other online money transfer service providers such as Neteller, PayPal and Skrill which also help in online deposits for online casinos.

E-Wallet Services

The best thing about using E-wallets is the fact that you can store all your debit and credit card information on a single site.  Whenever a deposit transaction is required you can just select one of your card options to make the payment.  In other words, E-wallet can be described as a type of electronic digital card which can be used for making online payments via a computer or smart phone device and it is password protected.   Some of the top ranking E-wallet service providers include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and EcoPayz.

Bank Wire

This is one of the greatest money transfer options for the people who are not well versed in online transactions or computer savvy.  This method is used to transfer money from bank or a financial company to other company or individual’ s account.  In order to avail such services, one is required to use wire transaction facilities provided by the local bank branch or a finance office specializing in such activities.  While using wire transfer, it must be kept in mind that there is a fees associated with such transaction.  This fees varies from amount to amount of money being transferred or received.  The other popular methods under this category include money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram.

e-check Services

It is nothing but an electronic version of the good old check.  This method requires much lesser time and resources for each transaction.  By this method, money is electronically transferred from your account and deposited directly to online casino’s account.  This transaction is processed by using ACH network.  This transfer can be also done by a bank or financial company by using the information provided by the payer on a paper check. The e-check is a combination of security, speed and process with that of the infrastructure and the process used for the original check verification system.

Cryptocurrency Transfer

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency used all over the world.  In today’s world cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are used for availing all sorts of services and for purchasing merchandises via online transactions.   As a result, now there are some online casinos which accept cryptocurrency for making deposits and redemptions.  Before opting for such services, it is always better to check whether such transactions are allowed by your state jurisdiction.


There are currently many roulette systems which are endorsed by lots of people.  These systems are used to create a chance of winning huge amounts of money or to moderate the house edge enjoyed by the casino. Roulette Paroli system is one of such systems.  This system provides a player with a chance to win a respectable amount of money without risking too much of his bankroll.  Lots of players endorsing Paroli system have suggested that unlike Martingale System the former is much less frustrating and keeps up the positive attitude of a player even during an unfortunate outcome of a loss.

Roulette Paroli System

This system can be best described as a progressive positive betting.  Even its name “Paroli” is derived from the Latin word “Par” which literally means equal.  If we want to describe Paroli system in simplest term than it includes doubling the wager after each consecutive wins till three wins are achieved.  This roulette system came into existence during the sixteenth century and it was first used to achieve favorable results in an Italian card game known as “Basset”.  Today this system is in use to manipulate casino games such as craps, Sic Bo, Pai Gow and even Blackjack.

How does Roulette Paroli System Works?

The main objective of this system is to attain three consecutive wins one after another, while doubling the wager with each successful win.  A player starts the game by betting a single unit on one of the outside such as colors, even/odd or 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.  For example if a player is playing roulette then he starts betting on black with a single unit of money.  If the initial wager loses then he again makes the same bet.  The player is required to continue this type of betting called “Flat Betting” till a win is achieved.  Then after the win the next bet will be in the form of two units.  If this wager loses, the player is back to square one and starts flat betting of one unit.  On the other hand if there is a win, then instead of two units, the player will wager with four units into the final bet.  This type of wagering can give a player a profit of seven units or a limited loss of only one unit.

We have taken a progression of three bets in a row as an example.  If you want to have more progressions than this number then you must decide on this before starting in the game.  Always keep in mind that while opting for more progressions seems quite attractive, risk also increases with number of progressions.

The Pro and Cons of Roulette Paroli System

The whole logic supporting this system depends upon the theory that wins and losses come in streaks.  So a player can maximize his returns by betting heavily during the winning streak and control losses by betting less in losing streak.  This system further ensures that a player does not risk more than one wager from his own bankroll.  The negative aspect of this system can be attributed to the fact that accumulation of one unit in multiple losses can go beyond the seven unit win theory propagated under this system.


The blackjack MIT team was a group formed by students from the world’s top universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Harvard Business School.  This group specialized in creating and implementing card counting or card reading techniques.  The team then used these techniques to take advantage in the game of blackjack at the casinos throughout the world.  MIT team and its successors dominated the gambling scenario from 1979 till the start of 2000.

Even today there are many societies and groups which are following the trend set up by the MIT team.  The most important and foremost aim of these groups is to find ways to beat the undue advantage shared by the casinos all over the world.

First Blackjack MIT Team

In the late winter of 1979, J.P. Massar, who at that time was providing the blackjack course, was contacted by a professional gambler to create a group of card counting students.  The main objective behind the conception of this team was to take advantage of the new law passed by New Jersey Casino Control Commission which prohibited the casinos under its jurisdiction to ban card counters.  Under this new ruling, casinos were allowed only to ban card counters individually.

In the due course of time, a group comprising of four card readers, a professional player and a financier formed the original team.  This team then selected Atlantic City as their operating area and started recruiting more students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to execute their operations.  This team worked on the casinos of the Atlantic City for a year and was able to create a fourfold increase in their basic bankroll.

Post 90s Blackjack MIT Team

By the start of 90s, this team became unbeatable with more members included into the original team.   The members of this team became regular visitors at Las Vegas casinos.  It is also stated that this team was so successful that they mopped more than $400,000 in just one weekend.  The team used card counting in order to predict the outcome of the game.  The players were trained to read cards and to memorize those cards which have been dealt along with the ones which remained in the shoe.  They used their memory to work out how many high cards could be dealt in their favour thus increasing the chances of their win.

The Modus Operandi

This team visited Las Vegas casinos on every weekend. After selecting a particular casino, a card counter was deployed to sit on the blackjack table to count the cards.  Once he or she was assured that the high cards are to be dealt by the dealer, a signal was given to the other players of the team to join in the game.  The other players acted as high rollers and wagered with big amount of monies.  These big bettors kept on wagering till the card counter signalled them to get out of the game.

End of Good Times

The Blackjack MIT team successfully used their techniques to win millions of dollars from the casinos for a period of time.  It was a matter of time that the casinos became suspicious of their activities.  Investigation agencies also got involved in this case and they started tracking the MIT kids.  Soon their modus operandi was out in the open and the members of the team got blacklisted from the casinos.


What can be more entertaining and thrilling then taking risks in your favorite game? Probably nothing, but overindulgence in anything can be dangerous for health and the financial status of a person.  Gambling can be a fun factor in your life, but sometimes it turns into a problem when over obsession and greed to win more overtakes the fun part associated with such games.  Apart from players, the stakeholders in the gambling industry are also responsible for offering a safe gaming environment and protection of their clients from negative impacts of online gaming.

In general instances, majority of the players participate in their favourite gambling options for recreational purposes, but in some cases players tend to get overboard and opt for these games to generate income.  In the case of normal players, they play with a bankroll which they can afford but the persons suffering from obsessive gambling it becomes very difficult to draw a line with regards to their finances.

Underage Gambling

The other major concern which relates to responsible gambling is prevention of underage gambling.  It is the duty of the online casino operators to make sure that only people with legal age must be allowed to participate in gambling.  It is also the duty of the casino to ensure that all the laws protecting the minors from gambling should be followed as per the jurisdiction of the area where they are operating.

In order to comply by these rules and regulations, casinos should follow a transparent registration process for all players and complete verification should be done before allowing any of the players to access the gaming portal.

Along with the online gaming operators, it is also the duty of the parents and guardians of minors to make sure that their wards do not have unbridled usage of internet and access of gaming sites.  Parents are advised to take appropriate steps such as blocking access of gambling sites by using different apps available in the market along with strict vigilance.

Recommendations for Responsible Gambling

Even though the stakeholders in gaming industry are responsible for providing ethical gaming activities to their clients, but it is also the duty of the players to adhere to responsible gambling.  It should be kept in mind that gambling like any other entertainment activity is a way to have a relaxing time rather than creating stress in your life.  The following recommendations are provided to help the gamblers/players for responsible gambling.

  • Gambling activity is for fun and entertainment purpose only; never confuse it with a way to earn money for your day to day activities.
  • Online gaming should never be considered as an easy way to create a fortune.
  • Never overstep your bankroll limits. In order to be safe, always create limits and avoid losing too much money which can have straight affect on your personal life.
  • Never gamble with money kept for family projects or provisions.
  • Always opt for website mechanisms which allow the players to set a limit on money to be wagered in a particular period of time.
  • Always keep a full account of your wins and losses.
  • Study and learn bankroll management before participating in gambling activities.



Being one of the most popular casino games, Blackjack is played by millions of people both in land based and online casinos.  The most attractive thing about this game is that a player is required to take instant decision for each hand dealt.  This is only possible if you are a skilful player otherwise your decisions can have negative impact on the outcome of the game.  So it will be not wrong if we perceive that blackjack requires more skill and strategies as compared to other forms of card games including poker.

In blackjack nobody else except for the player, including the dealer, can take decisions which can sway the game to one side.  It is the player who can make decisions that can be either positive or negative for his or her game.  All the advanced and sensible players opt to follow the blackjack strategy which is also known as “Basic Strategy”.  There are many other strategies and theories related for getting advantage in the game of blackjack, but in reality most of these cannot provide real edge except for the one which requires card counting.  Some of the strategies which can be used by a player to increase chances of hitting more wins involve the following.

Learning Blackjack Basic Strategy

The first step for being a successful blackjack player starts with learning how to play the game itself.   Most of the players are overconfident of their skills and believe that there is nothing more to learn from the basic strategy.  Even the experienced players sometimes scoff at the idea of learning about such strategy.  Basically the basic strategy is nothing but a set of rules which helps the player to play an optimal hand.  So learning about this stuff can help you to maximize the size of your wins while minimizing the losses.

Splitting the Aces

Majority of the professional blackjack players prefer to split their aces.  After the split, the player will get only one more card, even then it makes more sense as 11 is a very strong number to start with.  In same way you can also split 8-8.  While implementing this strategy, one must keep in mind the fact that the number of decks used in the game also guides the splitting strategy.  The other thing is the playing rules of the casino.  If a casino is liberal with double after split you can opt for splitting more hands as compared to a situation where casino rules states no double after split.

Avoiding the Insurance

Buying insurance for life and property is a good decision but in case of blackjack it should be avoided.  The reason behind this strategy is the fact that losing your initial stake in the game is more worthwhile for a long run rather than protecting it by betting more money by buying insurance.  The Blackjack insurance is not insurance but a side bet which does not decrease or increase the chances of hitting a win.  When a player takes the insurance he is betting on the assumption that dealer got a ten or a picture card.

Opting for Surrender

Even though the word ‘surrender’ gives out negative connotation but in the game of blackjack it can be quite positive for a player.  In other words properly using the surrender option can be a smart bet in cases where hitting or standing can result in a loss.  After considering the two card hand and the dealer’s card you can opt for this option to ensure that you only lose half the amount of your initial wager rather than parting with the whole amount.


If you have been playing blackjack for a period of time then there are more than enough chances that you may be quite familiar with common blackjack myths.  Most of these misconceptions about this game are taken as Gospel’s truth by majority of the players.   All of these blackjack myths are based on personal experience of some players which are now followed by all of us.  These beliefs range from scientific mumbo jumbo to totally foolish notions of luck being affected by another person on the table.

The actual fact is that these myths have no whatsoever impact on your game and most of them are quite false.   If you want to be a successful blackjack player then you should be able to differentiate between logic and absurdity pandered by nincompoops.  In this article we will go through some of the common blackjack myths and reality associated with them.

Winning Streak of Dealer

This myth relates to the concept of hot and cold blackjack dealers.  This results in players avoiding the tables where a dealer is continuously winning for a period of time.  These players will like to join a table where a dealer is going through a losing streak.  The reality is that you can note the winning or losing streak of a dealer but you cannot predict what is in store for the coming time.  The cards of deck are oblivious to the number of wins or loses made by a dealer and they remain so throughout the due course of the game.  No one can foresee what will be the outcome of the next hand as past results never predicts the future results.

Illegality Associated with Card Counting

There is a common belief that card counting is not illegal but a casino can ban a player if he or she gets caught counting cards.  The reality is that even though this famous technique is not illegal but casinos do not want to give out their money so easily.  So casinos make sure that players continue to believe in such notions and avoid using this strategy for their game.  You can use this technique without any fear of being doing something illegal. The actual fact is that once you learn the art of card counting you can significantly decrease the house edge associated with this game thus increasing your chances of hitting more wins.

Always Opt for Insurance

There is misconception that buying insurance for every instance is foolproof strategy. In reality it is one of the worst moves which can be made by a player.  Whenever a player opts for the insurance he or she is giving up thirteen percent of the profit which can be made from a single game of blackjack.  This action drastically cuts down your winning margins and it is always better to avoid this trap.

A Win is Due after Subsequent Losses

There are many players who believe that a win is due after subsequent losses.  In other words, they start betting more heavily in the hope of hitting a win.  The reality is that game of blackjack comes with a probability of 48 percent of winning.  So if you have already lost six or seven hands in a row then it does not make you eligible for impending win in the next game. It is better to avoid playing when you are certain that you are going through a negative variance rather than increasing your losses.


Roulette can be simply defined as a casino game played with a little wheel, a ball and a numbered board with different set of numbers printed in two colors, red and black.  The only exception on the wheel is the Zero which comes with green color.  Even the word Roulette is derived from French word that literally means a small wheel.  The game play involves players placing their bets upon a single number, odd or even numbers, a range of numbers, colors along with high or low numbers.

Once the players have placed their bets, the croupier spins the wheel and releases the ball into the tilted circular track of the wheel.  The ball eventually falls down into one of the thirty seven coloured and numbered slots on the wheel thus allowing the players to either win or lose.

Currently there are many references available on internet in relation to the origin of this game.  These tales range from devil’s work to the scientific evolution of the game itself.

Some of the most interesting facts related to the origin and history of this “Queen of All the Casino Games” are presented here in this article.

A Product of Devil’s Workshop

For some of the people, not only gambling, but especially the game of Roulette itself seems to have a relation with the Satan.  There is common legend about how devil himself created this game to attract men and women to his dark side.  This tale is supported by a very bizarre explanation that if we add up all the numbers on the wheel starting from one and ending at thirty six then the sum total will come out as “666”. This number is considered to be one of the signs depicting the presence of dark lord in this world.

Though this legend can stand for single zero Roulette and can corroborate that the inventor of this game made a pact with the devil but what about American version of this game which came into existence at a much later time?

Brainchild of a Physicist

A game which has a unique design and comes with features such as odds, house edges and statistics can only be created by a man with a scientific aptitude.  So you shouldn’t be surprised if you read somewhere that the creator of Roulette was a French physicists and Mathematician called Blaise Pascal.  The only thing which is even more unexpected is that he was not trying to invent this game but trying to perform an experiment related with perpetual motion.

In the year 1655, Blaise Pascal wanted to invent a machine which can defy the physical barriers while achieving the perpetual motion without requiring any sort of energy from outside source.  Even though his vision contradicted the laws of physics but being of scientific nature he wanted to defy the common knowledge of that time.  In the end his experiment, as expected, failed and on the other hand he invented a process which later on became a central idea for the birth of the most popular casino game of this century.

Addition of a Zero

Even though Zero was discovered long before the invention of Roulette, but it did not existed on the wheel till the middle of the nineteenth century.  The roulette wheel remained same since its inception by Blaise Pascal but in 1842 a new set of roulette wheel was designed by Francois and Lois Blanc for King Charles III of Monaco.

The idea behind addition of a single zero on the wheel was to provide a bigger house edge to the casino owned by the King Charles III.

Americans on the other hand are quite famous for creating their own inventions whether it is right hand drive, baseball, rugby or casino games.  So in 1800 when Roulette reached the United States of America; they changed this game too by adding a double zero to the wheel.  This created even bigger house edge for the casinos.

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IGT also known as International Game Technology is considered as one of the top ranking slot game providers of the world.  The casino games provided by this company have a huge fan base and are available on all the online casinos using the gaming software provided by this company.  There are always chances that either you have already played one of such games or you are a regular player of the slots provided by the IGT at your favorite online casino site.

With the rising popularity of the slot games, IGT is now also providing its products across all the mobile devices.  All these slots whether online or on a mobile platform come with the same betting options and return to player percentages.  In this article we will overview the top five slot games from IGT.     

Top five slot games from IGT

Siberian Storm

Siberian Storm is a five reels slot game with IGT’s Multiway Xtra feature which allows 720 possible ways to win.  This means that this slot pays from both sides that are left to right and right to left.  As the name suggests, the reels of this game are set in the background of a Siberian forest.   Some of the symbols used in this game are based on the Siberian theme while the others belong to the realm of fantasy.  Siberian Storm comes with a progressive jackpot of £50000 and a fixed jackpot of 1000x along with the other usual features which include auto play, free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, scatters and a wild symbol.

The maximum coin limit for Siberian Storm is set up at fifty coins.  The coin range starts at £0.50 and goes up to £150.0.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.50 and ends at £25.00.  The high paying symbols of this game are the Siberian Storm logo, a white tiger and a Siberian tiger.

The Return to Player percentage of Siberian Storm video slot currently stands at 94.26%

Texas Tea

Texas Tea is a five reels and nine paylines adventure genre based video slot.  The storyline of this game is based on the oil drilling theme and it comes with two special bonus rounds called Oil Dividend Bonus and Big Oil Bonus.  Texas Tea comes with a fixed jackpot of 10000x along with the other usual features which include auto play, bonus rounds and scatters.  This game does not provide any wild symbols, free spins, gambling options or multipliers.

The maximum coin limit for Texas Tea is set up at nine coins.  The coin range starts at £0.45 and goes up to £45.0.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.10 and ends at £90.00.  The high paying symbols of this game include the Texas Tea logo, an armadillo, an airplane, a bull and a Texan driving a car.

The Return to Player percentage of Texas Tea video slot currently ranges between 87.50 to 96.20%

Cleopatra II

Cleopatra II is the sequel to the popular Cleopatra slot machine by IGT.  This five reels and twenty paylines video slot is based on the mystical Egyptian culture.  Cleopatra II comes with a fixed jackpot of 10000x along with the other usual features which include auto play, free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, scatters and a wild symbol.

The maximum coin limit for Cleopatra II is set up at hundred coins.  The coin range starts at £0.01 and goes up to £5.00.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.20 and ends at £100.00.

The Return to Player percentage of Cleopatra II video slot currently stands at 95.10%

Stinkin Rich

Who does not want to be stinking Rich? This game is designed with the sole purpose of tempting its player to acquire those riches.  Stinkin Rich is five reels and hundred paylines video slot with four rows of symbols.  The symbols of this game are in reality a combination of stinky items along with rich people.  This game comes with two unique bonus features called Keys to Riches Free Spins and Trash for Cash Bonus.  Stinkin Rich comes with a fixed jackpot of 10000x along with the other usual features which include auto play, free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, scatters and a wild symbol.

The maximum coin limit for Stinkin Rich is set up at fifty coins.  The coin range starts at £1.00 and goes up to £1000.0.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.01 and ends at £25.00.  The high paying symbols of this game include four rich aristocratic characters comprising of two males and two females.

The Return to Player percentage of Stinkin Rich video slot currently stands at 94.26%

Coyote Moon

Coyote Moon is a wildlife themed video slot game with a coyote being the main protagonist.   This five reels and thirty paylines slot is based on the Anasazi culture that existed in United States of America.  The background of the reels comprises of a night sky with a full moon.  This game comes with two unique bonus features called Rising Moon Bonus and Stacked Wilds.  Coyote Moon comes with a fixed jackpot of 1000x along with the other usual features which include auto play, free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, scatters and a wild symbol.

The coin range starts at £0.01 and goes up to £50.0.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.01 and ends at £40.00.  The high paying symbols of this game are the Coyote Moon logo, an elk, a hummingbird, a gecko and a bleached cow skull.

The Return to Player percentage of Siberian Storm video slot ranges between 92.50 to 94.98%

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Microgaming Software Systems Limited is a casino software development company currently based at Isle of Man.  This company came into limelight when it released an online casino in 1994. Since then this company is one of the top ranking casino software companies dealing in online casinos, slots and poker games.

The most interesting feature of the earlier slot machine games provided by Microgaming is the Flash versions which allow the players to play their favorite slot machine games without any requirement of downloading the casino’s gaming software.  Nowadays the slot games developed by this company come in HTML5 version to provide cross platform compatibility.   Five of the top rated slot games developed by Microgaming are discussed below.

You can play a lot of the Microgaming games in many online casinos like the sections, the net365 slot sections and many more major casinos

Tomb Raider Slot

tomb raider slotTomb Raider Slot is a five reels and fifteen pay-lines video slot game.  The storyline of this game is based on the Tomb Raider, a Hollywood movie series featuring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft- the famous treasure huntress.  This slot comes with a fixed jackpot of 7500x along with the other usual features which include auto play, bonus rounds, scatters, multipliers, free spins and wild symbol.

The maximum coin limit for Tomb Raider is set up at three hundred coins.  The coin range starts at £0.01 and goes up to £0.20.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.05 and ends at £375.00.  The high paying symbols of this game include a tiger, Lara Croft and a puzzle.

The Return to Player percentage of Tomb Raider video slot currently stands at 95.22%

Age of Discovery Slot

 Age of Discovery SlotAge of Discovery is a five reels and twenty five pay-lines video slot game.  The storyline of this game takes its player to the start of the eighteenth century when sailors used to sail off in search of new lands and discoveries.  This slot comes with a fixed jackpot of 6000x along with the other usual features which include auto play, bonus rounds, scatters, multipliers, and wild symbol.

The coin range for this game starts at £0.01 and goes up to £0.50.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.01 and ends at £200.00.  The high paying symbols of this game include a sailing ship, a coat of arms and a sextant.  The symbols of lower denominations are in the form of different exotic fruits.

The Return to Player percentage of Age of Discovery video slot currently stands at 96.62%

Polar Bash Slot

Polar Bash SlotPolar Bash Slots is a five reels and twenty pay-lines video slot game.  The storyline of this game takes its player to the ice covered lands of Northern pole featuring different types of animals and an iceman which seem to be quite sozzled.  This slot comes with a fixed jackpot of 12000x along with the other usual features which include auto play, bonus rounds, scatters, multipliers, and free spins.

The coin range for this game starts at £0.01 and goes up to £0.50.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.01 and ends at £200.00.  The high paying symbols of this game include a tippler polar bear, a drunken penguin, an inebriated walrus and tipsy wolf.  The lower ranking symbols include a whale, a snowman, an igloo and a glass & cocktail shaker.

The Return to Player percentage of Polar Bash slot currently stands at 95.75%

Flight Zone Slot

Flight Zone SlotIf you are a fan of fighter jets then this game will certainly have an appeal for you.  The most striking feature of this game are its expanding and staked wilds, interactive bonus rounds and free spins.  Flight Zone Slot is a five reels and twenty pay-lines video slot game.  This slot comes with a fixed jackpot of 1000x.

The coin range for this game starts at £0.01 and goes up to £0.20.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.01 and ends at £500.00.

The high paying symbols of this game include a pilot, an air force officer, a fighter jet and a B2 bomber.

The Return to Player percentage of Flight Zone slot currently stands at 96.25%

Scrooge Slots

Scrooge is based on the classic novel written by Charles Dickens called “A Christmas Carol”.  The main protagonist of this game is a rich miser known as Ebenezer Scrooge.  The story revolves around his experience on a night before Christmas Eve when he meets with three different ghosts of Christmas. This encounter changes him into a totally new man.

Scrooge slots game comes with five reels and fifty pay-lines.  This slot comes with a fixed jackpot of 6000x. The coin range for this game starts at £0.01 and goes up to £0.50.  The minimum wagering requirement for each spin starts from £0.01 and ends at £100.00.  All the symbols used in this game are the characters of “A Christmas Carol” novel.

The Return to Player percentage of Scrooge slot currently stands at 96.74%



This question has always been on the mind of the players who have just ventured into the sport of gambling.  Fans of both online and land based casinos have their own reasons to advocate and support their choices.  

While the online casino enthusiasts will vouch for the ease of gaming and availability, the other side refers to the tradition and the allure associated with the land based casinos.

So who is right? In my opinion selecting between these two options is just a matter of taste and one’s location.  In reality both have their own advantages and disadvantages so understanding them can help a player to make an appropriate decision.  After going through this article you may opt for either one of these options or choose to avail the services of both.

Advantages Associated with Land Based Casinos

For the people who have casinos in their vicinity or for the ones who are on recreational tours to enjoy gambling, nothing beats the old charm of old brick & mortar casinos.  Majority of the reputed land based casinos have a certain reputation and popularity which attracts a lot of people into their doors.  Hollywood has also played an important part in increasing the popularity of such institutions by making them a part of its productions.

Majority of the people who opt for land based casinos have one predominant reason that is the quality of experience in hospitality provided by them.  When it comes to visiting a casino with your friends or family to have a great night one will certainly opt for a trip to the nearest casino.  Land based casinos not only provide gambling services to their clients but also have great theme nights along with live entertainment shows.  They are well known for providing services ranging from health spas to cultural shows along with availability of world renowned chefs and bartenders to make your trip a culinary experience.

Advantages Associated with Online Casinos

Opting for an online casino is very closely related with the issue of convenience for a person.  Majority of the people prefer online casinos as they do not want to leave the safety, comfort and the privacy of their homes.  You can play to your heart’s content without even changing your pajamas.  The other factor is the 24 X 7 availability, as a player can take part in his favorite game at any hour of the day.  While opting for online services offered by these casinos, one himself ensures the required level of comfort as it is ‘you’ who can make the decision when to play or not to play.    

The other factor is the level of security.   As you do not have to leave the safety of your home, a certain level of security gets assured.  There was a time when players used to have concerns regarding the misuse of their financial as well as personal information, but now with high security checks and barriers applied by online casinos has made this fear totally redundant.

Factors That can Influence Your Choice

As already mentioned opting between these two choices is a matter of personal inclination.  While opting, one should consider all the aspects associated with both the options.  The most important thing is to consider your objective whether you want to enjoy social outing or you just want to rake in good money.  If your choice is for a day or night of social festivities then there is nothing which a land based casino cannot provide.  On the other hand if you have a limited budget and time then online casinos are the best choice.